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Healing Through Inner Work

Rebecca Moskowitz Feb 24 2022 We are emerging from a time in history when many of our daily life activities have been dictated by urgency and crises. As we begin to see an end to necessity driving this certain way of being, it becomes all the more important for us to slow down and engage in inner work for the children in our schools, for our colleagues, and for ourselves. Rudolf Steiner believed inner work was an essential practice for those guiding children to reach their full potential. He stated, “You will not be good teachers if you focus only on what

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What is a Waldorf School?

Creative arts like drawing, painting, language studies, music and drama support the main lesson and give students a variety of avenues to learn the material. Students then continue an exploration of the lesson through movement and motor skills, with activities like physical education, building, dance and gardening. (Photo: GETTY IMAGES) Immersive learning and a focus on the whole child are the hallmarks of Waldorf education. By Rhonda Franz

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Finding Beauty in Challenging Times

This last month has presented us all with many upheavals and challenges – social, financial, emotional; the physical time away from our Waldorf family. It also has brought some surprising silver linings: an ancestral call to bread baking (store shelves emptied of yeast and flour…who would have guessed?); a new form of Victory Garden is flourishing and nurseries are selling out of vegetable and herb plants; more time for family puzzles and art projects or even to simply enjoy a budding tree outside our front doors; the opportunity to witness musicians, painters and performers (including some in our own community

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Jack Petrash and the Value of Waldorf Education in our Modern Age

Jack Petrash, longtime Waldorf teacher, educator, author and founder of the Nova Institute, recently visited Waldorf School of Orange County and shared the many ways in which Waldorf education is relevant (more so now than ever!) in today’s complex world. Speaking to a packed Eurythmy Hall at WSOC, Petrash described an “a-ha” moment he had while on sabbatical many years ago. The New York Times ran a piece on Deborah Meier, an innovative principal at an East Harlem public school, who received a MacArthur Genius Grant for education. She was commended for the following: • Doubling the length of class

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