Lines of Communication

Who Do I Contact?

  • College Chair Andrea Hubert, Assistant Nancy Mitchell– questions or concerns regarding class or specialty teachers, or other concerns requiring additional support/attention.
  • School Administrator (Kevin McDuff) – any concerns or questions regarding WSOC administration and its staff, human resources, safety, compliance, health, or facilities.
  • Admissions Director (Kathy Christian) – admissions related questions or concerns such as wait pools, enrollment procedures and deadlines.
  • Development Director/Marketing – ( questions about fundraising and gifts, including Annual Giving, Gala, grants, In Kind donations, restricted gifts, endowment gifts, and community outreach events within and outside of school.
  • Business Manager (Mimi Sueda) – questions regarding school budgeting, finances, tuition contracts, insurance, employee benefits, vendors, Company of Angels, or SCRIP.
  • Communications Coordinator (Alyssa Hamilton) – newsletter, website, school communications, and school-related event promotions.
  • Parent Association Chair  ( PA Committees and events, volunteerism

For a full list of administration contacts please visit this page

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