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Hello and Welcome! Thank you for your interest in attending an Admissions Tour or Event at WSOC

Waldorf education is unique because your child is unique. Our teaching approach meets each child where they are – academically, socially and emotionally – to help your child become the best thinker, student, leader, and citizen of the world they can be. Is Waldorf right for your child? Visit us and find out. Visit and you’ll begin to see what makes the Waldorf School of Orange County different from all other schools. You’ll start to see and feel all the reasons to choose a Waldorf education when you meet our talented and dedicated teachers, talk to our active and involved parent community, and meet some of our wonderful students.

Come for a visit during the school day on a Walk Through the Grades and you might catch a glimpse of our youngest students baking bread, or second graders having fun in math class. You might see sixth graders experimenting with acoustics for physics class, or see seventh graders practicing their Shakespeare play, or perhaps you’ll hear third graders speaking Spanish. You might talk to some of our gifted and dedicated teachers, who seem to “get” your child after just meeting them. Come discover how we transform the notions of education – head, hands, and heart – and see if Waldorf is right for your family.

New events coming soon!

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the Admissions Department at (949) 574-7775, Ext. 206 or via email at the following address:

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