About our Scrip Program

What is Scrip?

Scrip is "substitute money," and looks and functions just like gift cards and paper certificates. Families and friends purchase scrip for everyday expenses like food, gas, clothing and entertainment. They then take the scrip to those businesses in exchange for goods and services. WSOC buys large quantities of scrip from merchants at a discount, selling it at face value. There are no added fees - it doesn't cost a penny extra! WSOC keeps the difference between the discounted price and face value of the scrip, generating revenue. Offering freedom of choice and versatility, scrip is also a great gift idea for anyone and any occasion.

How is Scrip Purchased?

The Scrip Store is located within the Company of Angels. Hours are every school day from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. It is a year-round program; summer hours are abbreviated. The Scrip Store stocks all of the merchants and businesses listed on the order form, unless it is out of stock and being re-ordered. The gift cards and gift certificates are activated and ready for immediate use. You may also purchase Scrip that we do not stock through the Shop with Scrip Store.

Does Scrip Expire?

It is against the law in California for expiration dates to be enforced.

Scrip Contact

Pam Lusk,
Scrip Coordinator
PH: 949.574.7775
EMAIL: Pam Lusk

The Scrip Store...Turning everyday shopping...Into classroom dollars!