Amazon Link

We are fortunate to be an associate!

Up to 8% of your purchase goes to WSOC when you enter the site from this link EACH TIME YOU SHOP. Please share with your friends and family.

Helping to generate funding for the school is easy:

  1. Before you put anything in your Amazon shopping cart, simply click the Amazon link on this page.
  2. That takes you to the Amazon site, where you log into your account.
  3. Shop as you normally do.
  4. Up to 8% of your total purchase price is earned for the school. The determining factor is cumulative monthly sales volume for the school. The average earnings for us is 8%, so you all are doing it right!
  5. The earnings are limitless, so please adopt this routine each time you shop Amazon. Share with your family and friends. Last year, the school earned $8,000! With your support, we would love to see that grow into $20,000.