The North STAR Fund:

Weathering the Storm by keeping our Fleet together

The North STAR (Stand Together Assistance Relief) Fundis a newly created initiative to support the Waldorf School of Orange County community during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order and specifically, to provide emergency tuition assistance for our families for school tuition payments in the current school year.  Tuition Assistance applications will continue to be processed for the next school year as well.  We need each other now more than ever before. Many families in our community are suffering, and WSOC is committed to helping families who are experiencing a financial crisis due to COVID-19 to continue their Waldorf education!

That’s where the North STAR Fund comes in. Help a family, help our school, help our community. This is our chance to come together in this time of great need to ensure that our children continue to be empowered by this amazing Waldorf education.

The North STAR Fund works two ways:

Creating the Fund : 

The North STAR Fund will consist of generous gifts from both within and outside of the community, as well by a specially appointed fund approved by the Board of Trustees. Please consider supporting our community if you are in a position to do so. Together, we can find a way to keep this one great fleet united and afloat. We know that every dollar makes a difference!

Any donations made to The North STAR Fund will go into a funding pool. Any family who is struggling with tuition costs for the remainder of this year, can apply to benefit from these funds. Decisions will be made on an individual basis by an unbiased, impartial committee, and any details shared throughout this process will remain confidential.

For Families in Need:  

Families who are experiencing financial hardships and/or job uncertainty due to the COVID pandemic should submit an application to the North STAR Fund for additional tuition assistance. We want to keep our community together through this unprecedented time. Each family is considered individually and confidentiality by an objective, impartial committee. Awards are made on a rolling basis and are determined by the funds available in the North STAR Fund. The school will strive to meet as many needs as possible and will use funds from the North STAR Fund to allocate emergency tuition assistance awards. These can be applied to the 2019-2020 balance.  Families anticipating needing tuition support for the 2020-2021 school year will be directed to our already established Tuition Assistance process.


How to Donate: Scroll down to make an online donation through the website. 

If check or cash is preferred, mail to:

Waldorf School of Orange County, 2350 Canyon Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92627

When to Donate By: Donations will be accepted on a rolling deadline in accordance with the CA State Covid-19 guidelines. If no further restrictions are placed past the current orders, donations will be accepted through August 31, 2020. Pledges will be accepted to be paid by the donation deadline. 

How to Apply for The North STAR Fund Relief Funds: Please fill out this APPLICATION.

As always, and now more than ever, thank you to our Parents, Faculty, and Administrative staff during this difficult time for continuing to do all you do for our students. Thank you to our family, friends, alumni, community members, and donors for your continued support during this time.

Please contact Business Manager Kim McGovern for any questions, comments, concerns.


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