The Importance of your Support

Waldorf School of Orange County is sustained and enriched through gifts made by parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends. This vital support ensures the school's ability to continue to offer the most relevant and inspiring education to children today, and far into the future.

Your support enables us to:

  • recruit and retain talented and dedicated teachers
  • offer a full Waldorf curriculum
  • provide tuition assistance to families in need
  • maintain and enhance our campus

All independent schools rely on extra support above and beyond tuition and fees. Simply put, this is because the real cost of educating our students is greater than the cost of tuition. WSOC remains unwavering in our commitment to provide a full and balanced education delivered by a passionate and inspiring faculty. WSOC students are immersed in: cultural and foreign language study, performing arts, applied arts, music, and movement, all in conjunction with a strong academic curriculum of mathematics, language arts, and science. The breadth and depth of this education requires the generous tax-deductible gifts of many and WE THANK YOU!

"Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education."

Rudolf Steiner

Ways to Give:

  1. Annual Giving

    • Annual Giving contributions are essential to the day-to-day operations of the school, as tuition does not cover the full cost of a Waldorf education. Your gift goes directly to underwriting everyday expenses that make everyday learning possible in the classroom. from the classroom itself, to the teacher in the classroom, and eventually to the student's experiences. For our own parents and employees, Annual Giving should be your number one priority when it comes to Giving to WSOC.

    How to support Annual Giving.

  2. Special Events

    • Annual Gala and Auction: April 6, 2019

    • There are many ways to support this event and WSOC!

      • Attend!
      • Donate an auction item
      • Bid on an auction item
      • Be an Event Program advertiser
      • Become a sponsor
      • Sponsor a teacher ticket
      • Volunteer
    • Event website coming soon! To explore your opportunity, please contact the Development Director, Teresa Alarcon.

  3. Volunteer

    • WSOC was built upon thousands of community volunteer hours. We are very appreciative of this valued time and continue to rely on many hands to fulfill the work of the school. We hope that each family will identify a volunteer opportunity that meets the needs of their life and the school. There are many ways for you to volunteer for the school whether you are looking for a small, one-time commitment or are able to support a larger time commitment.

    Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities.

  4. In-Kind Donations

    • In-kind donations are donations of goods or professional services rather than straight monetary gifts. Examples of in-kind contributions include equipment, books, landscaping services, and more. Donations of auction items for our annual Gala is an example of an In-Kind Donation. To make an in-kind donation, plase contact the Development Director, Teresa Alarcon at

  5. The Legacy Program

    • How to you leave a legacy for a lifetime? How do you influence the life of a child? Through the deferred giving program at WSOC, your generous spirit will continue to live through our remarkable children and school. Planned giving options include: bequests, insurance policies, charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities and beneficiary designations.

    Click here to learn more about the Legacy Program.

  6. Scrip

    • What is Scrip? - SCRIP (School Cash Rebate Incentive Program) is "substitute money," and looks and functions just like gift cards and paper certificates. Families and friends purchase scrip for everyday expenses like food, gas, clothing and entertainment. They then take the scrip to those businesses in exchange for goods and services. As a non-profit organization, WSOC is able to buy these gift cards at a discount from a variety of retailers and then sell them at full value. There are no added fees - it doesn't cost a penny extra! WSOC keeps the difference between the discounted price and face value of the scrip, generating revenue. Offering freedom of choice and versatility, scrip is also a great gift idea for anyone and any occasion.

    Click here to learn more about SCRIP.

  7. The Company of Angels, our School Store

    • Our school bookstore and gift shop is a GEM. Shopping at Company of Angels directly supports the school's operating budget. Please shop often and bring your friend!

    Click here to learn more about The Company of Angels.

  8. Shop Amazon

    • We are an associate! Up to 8% of your purchase goes to WSOC when you enter the site from this link. All you have to do is jump through this link each time you shop. You shop as you normally would and WSOC benefits. This random act of kindness really adds up. We have earned as much as $9,000 a year. Spread the word to family and friends to help our earnings grow!

    Click here to learn more about how to help us 8% with Amazon.