Legacy Program

"An investment in knowledge always gives the best return."

Benjamin Franklin

How do you leave a legacy for a lifetime? How do you influence the life of a child? Through the deferred giving program at WSOC, your generous spirit will continue to live through our remarkable children and school. Planned giving options include: bequests, insurance policies, charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities and beneficiary designations.

The WSOC Legacy Program consists of alumni, parents, grandparents and friends who have made a commitment to a Waldorf Education through direct and deferred giving. Planned giving options are available in many forms:

Planned Giving Options

Type of Gift Size of Gift Description Benefits
Bequests Percentage of estate, Specific dollar amount Donations made to WSOC through provisions made in will or trust as monetary amount, real estate, tangible personal property, or allocation of assets No current financial responsibility. Charitable estate tax deduction
Insurance Policy Unlimited WSOC named as beneficiary and/or owner of new or existing policy Premium payments on existing policy tax-deductible if school is the owner. Tax deduction on current value of policy or value of transferred policy
Charitable Lead Trusts Unlimited Assets transferred to lead trust that makes payments to WSOC for specific term of years. At end of trust term, remaining assets returned to you or passed to your heirs Taxed on income, estate, and gifts reduced or eliminated
Charitable Remainder Trusts Unlimited Cash, securities, property or other assets donated to WSOC while you receive distributions from trust for life Payments for life under a variety of structures Immediate income tax Deduction No tax on sale of trust assets
Charitable Gift Annuity Unlimited Cash, or securities donated to WSOC with guaranteed income Payments made to you for life Fixed payments for life Immediate income tax Deduction. Annuity payments receive favorable tax treatments
Beneficiary Designation Form Unlimited Some or all of retirement assets or life insurance benefits designated to WSOC Charitable estate tax deduction for transfer amount Retirement assets to school are income tax free

For more information or to plan your legacy gift, please contact wsoclegacy@waldorfschool.com

*This material is presented as educational only and is not offered as legal or tax advice