What are the major components of the school’s operating budget?
The majority of the school’s operating budget is spent on salaries and benefits; attracting and retaining top-tier teachers is a high priority. The remaining is spent on facilities, program expenses, and general operating costs. The Board of Trustees strives to run the school as lean as it possibly can, without compromising the integrity of the program.

Why is Annual Giving Necessary?
Tuition income covers most of our operating expenses. The remaining is raised through our Giving Programs: Annual Giving, Scrip, Company of Angels, and special events such as the Gala. Each of our attending families is asked to make a donation to Annual Giving in addition to paying tuition, to help close this gap. Annual Giving is the single most important component of our Giving Program. If a family had to choose one type of giving over another, we would encourage Annual Giving to be their choice.

Why not just raise tuition?
As a private, non-denominational school, WSOC does not receive public funding or financial support from religious organizations. Yet, WSOC has among the lowest tuition rates in Orange County. We aim to keep tuition accessible and affordable to continue to attract and retain a diverse student body. Remember, tuition is a non-tax-deductible contracted contribution to the school, while gifts to the Annual Giving fund are fully tax-deductible.

Are there other fundraising activities besides Annual Giving?
Yes, in addition to Annual Giving, the school has several initiatives and events to help close the operating budget gap. These include The Company of Angels school store, Scrip, and special events such as the Annual Gala.

How much should I give?
Participation of all sized gifts is needed.  We ask each family to look into their heart and give to their family’s best ability. Please consider making your gift in monthly installments to maximize your contribution over time.

Do corporations and foundations support Annual Giving?
Corporations typically contribute to independent schools by offering matching gifts to their employees’ contributions. Many WSOC families are able to double their personal contributions through such employee match programs. Check with your employer to see if they have a matching policy. If they do, we will help obtain the gift.

Foundations generally give to Annual Giving appeals when there is a direct personal connection to the organization. Usually they are more interested in specific projects that are within their funding guidelines and advance their specific area of interest.

Can I donate stock to Annual Giving?
The school welcomes gifts of appreciated stock. If you have been fortunate enough to recognize some substantial capital gains, please consider donating your appreciated stock to the school’s Annual Giving fund. It’s a convenient way to make a meaningful contribution while recognizing some potential year-end tax planning benefits. Please contact Kim McGovern, WSOC Business Manager, at (949) 574-7775 for details on how to donate stock.

Your donation is tax deductible.

The Waldorf School of Orange County is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational corporation (EIN 33-0275108), serving preschool through high school in Orange County, CA.

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