Morning in the Kindergarten 4/20/2024

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Why Waldorf?

Kindergarten at Waldorf School of Orange County celebrates the riches of a child’s imagination. In our Early Childhood classrooms, simplicity is key. Toys are crafted of natural materials and feature beautiful colors and textures to encourage, but not overstimulate, the senses. There is a rhythm each day. We are helping your child build a strong foundation from the ground up. A Waldorf classroom is a sanctuary honoring the notion that a child’s play is their truest work.

There are no desks, no flashcards, no tests, no iPads, no homework. Children at this age learn with their bodies. Pre-literacy and math skills are introduced in circle time, games, finger knitting, singing, cooking and more. When our children move on to first grade, they do so with a variety of skills – rooted in play – that promote academic readiness without the burden of advanced, abstract concepts that do not serve the younger mind.

“Play is the royal road to childhood happiness and adult brilliance.”   – Joseph Chilton Pearce

Join us for a morning of play and fun.




9:00- 10:30 AM

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