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Join us for this special Saturday interactive High School Open House. We will open our doors for fun, engagement and education as we inspire you with a different way of learning.

The WSOC graduating class of 2018, a class of 17, was offered just under 3 million dollars in merit-based scholarships at top universities and colleges. Graduates of our 8th grade tested into selective enrollment high schools. Colleges want Waldorf students. Why? They can think on their feet and they’re socially ready to move into the world. But that doesn’t happen overnight.

The teenage years are a time of big questions: What can I learn from the world around me? Why does injustice exist? Who do I need to become to make a difference in the world? WSOC helps the students address these questions with a curriculum that cultivates analytical and creative thinking, promotes community engagement and learning from others in service opportunities, encourages eloquence in expression, and inspires the transformation of idealism into initiative.

Starting the day with physical  movement helps to wake up the teenage body before lessons. Ending the day with art allows for reflection and integration of complex material. And in between, students are not asked to specialize and narrow their thinking, but to instead expand and broaden their ideas on what is possible.

“…Waldorf students have a lot of maturity and self-awareness–and have been given a chance to figure out what they really want versus the ‘kindergarten-to-Ivy League steeplechase’ mentality you see at most schools.” – Independent College Counselor

“Our students need strengths of skill, will and character to know themselves and to craft a life. They must be the authors of themselves as well as the authors of the twenty-first century, a span of time simultaneously more intimate and global, more understood and unpredictable, than we can yet comprehend. The most seemingly intractable environmental and social problems ever faced by humans will confront the next generation. They will be called upon to be hard workers, skilled thinkers, and problem solvers, compassionate and involved citizens, persons of good character, and perhaps even parents themselves.”  – Julie Lythcott-Haims

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Date: 11/09/2019
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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