Our Early Childhood Programs provide the bridge from home to school while nourishing and supporting the development and growth of each child as a unique individual. The programs include the Playgroup for child and parent together, Pre-Kindergarten (three, four or five days per week) and Kindergarten.

Playgroup - 18 months to 4 years

Waldorf School of Orange County

The early years of a child's life are full of wonder and joy while also being the most critical years of development. The Playgroup at the Waldorf School of Orange County not only offers the children a rich environment for exploration and play, but also offers the parents support in creating a healthy home life. Through meeting together in a group with like-minded parents and an experienced early childhood Waldorf teacher each week, a warm and loving community is formed.

The beauty of the changing seasons will create a natural rhythm as we move through the year with songs, verses, activities and stories. Play is the heart of the young child, and children will have opportunity to explore this world of play in the beauty of the brand new classroom and garden designed especially for them. Come prepared to splash in the puddles and dig in the mud.

Playgroup Sessions and Available Classes:

A complete breakdown of our current Playgroup sessions and available classes can be found HERE.