School Calendar

Date Day Event/Location
October 3 Tuesday Adult Education
October 3 Tuesday makeup picture day
October 9 Monday In-Service Day NO SCHOOL
October 11
09:00 AM
Wednesday Walk Through the Grades
Location: Company of Angels Garden
October 11
07:00 PM
Wednesday Parent Education evening with Jack Petrash "Waldorf Education: Back to the Future"
Location: Eurythmy Hall. Adults only, thank you!
October 11
06:00 PM
Wednesday Ms. Arieta parent evening
Location: Classroom. Meeting includes Jack Petrash lecture at 7pm
October 14
10:00 AM
Saturday Playgroup parent meeting 10-11:30am
Location: Playgroup classroom
October 17 Tuesday Adult Education
October 17
07:00 PM
Tuesday College Financial Planning
Location: Meadows Hall
October 18
06:45 PM
Wednesday Ms. Catherine parent evening
Location: classroom
October 18
07:00 PM
Wednesday Grade 9 parent evening 7-830pm
Location: Juniper Room
October 20 Friday Adult Education
October 21 Saturday Adult Education
October 23 Monday Grade 11 Practicums Oct. 23-27
October 23 Monday Grade 12 Idyllwyld Trip Oct. 23-27
Location: Idyllwyld
October 25
07:00 PM
Wednesday Early Childhood Information Evening
Location: Kindergarten Classroom
October 28
10:00 AM
Saturday Morning in the Kindergarten
Location: Kindergarten Classroom

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