School Calendar

Date Day Event/Location
June 1
12:00 PM
Thursday Nola Casserly Class & Book Club
Location: HS Conference Room
June 2 Friday Last full day of school for Grade 8
June 2
07:00 PM
Friday Grade 4 play
Location: Eurythmy Hall (hall reserved all day as well)
June 4
01:00 PM
Sunday Grade 12 Projects 1pm-3pm
June 5 - 14 Monday - Wednesday Grade 8 Trip: Colorado (time to be determined)
Location: Colorado
June 5
06:30 PM
Monday Grade 3 Play
Location: Eurythmy Hall
June 5
07:00 PM
Monday Grade 7 parent evening
Location: classroom
June 6 Tuesday Adult Education
June 7
07:00 PM
Wednesday Grade 7 Play
Location: Eurythmy Hall
June 8 Thursday Adult Education
June 8
11:00 AM
Thursday Grade 7 play
Location: Eurythmy Hall
June 9 Friday Adult Education
June 10
06:00 PM
Saturday High School Arts Festival 6-9pm
Location: Eurythmy and Meadows Hall. Time TBD.
June 13
02:45 PM
Tuesday Strings Swap by flagpole 2:50 pm
Location: In front of main office
June 14 Wednesday Grade 2 beach day- all day
June 15 Thursday Last Day of School for Early Childhood
June 15
07:00 PM
Thursday High School Marionette Play (adults and non-WSOC siblings/friends only)
Location: Eurythmy Hall
June 16
12:00 PM
Friday Last Day of School -Early Dismissal at noon
June 16
06:00 PM
Friday 8th Grade Promotion
Location: Eurythmy Hall
June 17
02:00 PM
Saturday High school graduation
Location: Parsons Field
June 19 - 23 Monday - Friday Adult Education Intensive
Location: WSOC

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