School Calendar

Date Day Event/Location
October 3 Wednesday Walk Through the Grades (3, 5, 7 & HS)
October 3
06:00 PM
Wednesday Back to School Night
Location: Eurythmy Hall
October 14
07:00 PM
Sunday Early Childhood: Parent Lecture on "Chores" with guest speaker Barbara Klocek
October 17
07:00 PM
Wednesday Early Childhood Information Evening
October 20
10:00 AM
Saturday Morning in the Kindy
October 22 Monday Picture Day (Group 1)
October 24 Wednesday Autumn Festival (Early Childhood)
October 28
02:00 PM
Sunday High School Open House
October 29 Monday Picture Day (Group 2)
October 29
06:00 PM
Monday 5th Grade Diwali Celebration
October 31 Wednesday Halloween

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