Learning Beyond the Classroom


Online learning and faculty office hours began on Wednesday, March 18. The high school faculty created a coordinated daily schedule designed for Learning Beyond the Classroom which was later revised to shorten the school day and limit the amount of time in front of a screen. We have since revised the schedule further, and that schedule will be sent via email.

Teachers will deliver the curriculum and communicate with students primarily through Google Classroom and Zoom. Additional online tools may be used for specific classes. High School students can expect to have five hours of learning and school engagement per day. There will be four primary teaching methods:

  • Direct Teacher Instruction: Streamed live via Google Meet, Zoom, or pre-recorded video lessons posted on Google Classroom.
  • Collaborative Group Interactions: Small-group discussions through Google Meet and Zoom.
  • Assignments: Whether individual or group assignments, students will be asked to submit their work through Google Classroom (and Khan Academy for some math), and will be provided with timely teacher support and reflections.
  • Office Hours: Teachers will be available for questions and support one-on-one or in small groups via their WSOC Google account, and during office hours Mon-Fri 12.30-3pm.

All materials are available for Learning Beyond the Classroom only and should not be shared beyond the WSOC community.



Students will have daily contact with teachers through Google Classroom according to their weekly schedule, and opportunities to schedule time with teachers daily during office hours. The High School faculty are dedicated to supporting student learning and community connection in new ways over the coming weeks.



General Expectations 

  • Students should understand that Learning Beyond the Classroom is an important part of this year’s school experience. They will engage in lessons with concentration and goodwill, bringing their best efforts to this new experience.
  • Students will need a designated workspace for online work, reading, studying, artwork, etc.
  • Students should be ready for the beginning of the day and check in for their Main Lesson class by 8:30 a.m. This includes having eaten breakfast, dressed, and being fully ready as they would for a school day.

Technology Needs and Expectations 

Students will need:

  • A computer with the Google Chrome browser, a webcam, microphone, and Internet access. Headphones or earbuds are also helpful so as not to disturb other family members.
  • Daily access to the internet between 8:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Students will need to check their WSOC email accounts, Google Calendar, and Google Classroom to keep track of assignments. Built into the schedule are many break opportunities and time away from the computer.
  • To be online at the right time, according to the HS Learning Beyond the Classroom schedule.
  • To treat all online interactions in the same manner as classroom learning. Respectful and polite interactions are expected on all chats, email, comments, and virtual meetings.

Academic Expectations 

  • Attend all classes on your schedule.
  • Actively engage in online lessons, discussions, and assignments.
  • Submit assignments according to due dates posted in Google Classroom.
  • Follow the individual teacher’s instructions for how to communicate questions.
  • Respect that any videos or other materials created by the teachers are for the Waldorf School of Orange County High School online learning only and should NOT be shared beyond our school community.
  • Grade 12 students should check in with their Senior Project Facilitators twice a week to report their progress on their projects and communicate about their final presentations.

Well-Being Expectations 

  • Look after yourself: create a rhythm for yourself, practice good hygiene, make time for social communication, take active breaks, eat healthy food, and get enough sleep.
  • Breaks and lunch time: close the computer and take a break from the screen.
  • Ask for help when needed. Your teachers, advisers, sponsors, and office staff are all available to assist you during their scheduled office hours.
  • Our School Counselor, Mrs. Westerhout, will be available via email, phone and prearranged zoom calls. M-F 10:00am to 7:00pm.


  • Parents are encouraged to provide as much support as they are able given their personal contexts and should support their students in becoming responsible for their own learning. This includes, but is not limited to, assisting them to get ready for the day, supporting them to structure the day in a harmonious and healthy way, and monitoring appropriate technology use.
  • Parents will need to provide the technology resources outlined above for students. Please contact Gina Garrison, if you are not able to provide a computer with the Google Chrome browser, a webcam, microphone, and Internet access.
  • Parents may be asked to pick up materials. Emails will be sent directly to parents and students with details if/when a pickup is needed.
  • If your student is unwell and unable to participate in online learning, please email Shauna Forsum at the school office and copy your student’s teacher.
  • If your student is unable to engage for any other reason, encourage them to contact Mrs.Westerhout.
  • If you have concerns or questions about class workload, student health and well-being, or academic progress, please reach out to the appropriate teacher via email and Mrs. Westerhout.



  • Teachers will respond to emails and messages daily when school is in session.
  • Class sponsors will regularly check in with the students via Class Lesson
  • Teachers will keep track of student engagement and communicate with the parent if the student is not participating actively or is struggling in a class.
  • Teachers will organize materials for parents to pick up at school if needed.
  • Teachers will offer varied learning materials to meet all different learning styles.
  • Deadlines for electronic submission of assignments will be within the school day and direct electronic correspondence with students should only be expected during school hours.



  • The HS Learning Beyond the Classroom Schedule includes virtual office hours from 12:30–3.00 p.m. on weekdays. Students can contact teachers to schedule virtual meetings during office hours.
  • Parents and students can email the High School Coordinator Gina Garrison to ask questions. Expect a response within 24 hours on school days.
  • Class Sponsors will begin holding virtual parent meetings after Spring Break.
  • Teachers, staff, and students will only communicate using their school Google accounts. For the safety of students and according to our usual guidelines, texting and other social media will not be used for communication between the school, teachers, and students.

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