Learning Beyond the Classroom


On Tuesday, April 14, and on Mondays thereafter, A Weekly Overview will be provided in Google Classroom for each grade. The lessons will be delivered in a coordinated daily plan that mirrors the regular school schedule. Lesson plans will be posted by 8:00 a.m. daily and will provide between two and four hours of activity/instruction for grade 5 through grade 8. Lessons may include written assignments, activity instruction, pre-prepared packets and pre-recorded audio or video lessons. All online material is available through Google Classroom. Starting on Monday, April 13, and Mondays thereafter, parents may be advised to pick up curricular supplies that support the Beyond the Classroom learning. Whenever possible, we will have online submission of assignments. All materials are available for WSOC Beyond the Classroom only and should not be shared beyond the WSOC community.


Parents and/or students will access the Weekly Overview by signing into Google Classroom with the email address that has been assigned to their child. We intend to support and nourish the entire WSOC community through our daily connection. Teachers will provide instruction to the class and create opportunities to check in with individual students as needed.


General Expectations 

  • Students should understand that Learning Beyond the Classroom is an important part of this year’s school experience. They will engage in lessons with concentration and goodwill, bringing their best efforts to this new experience.
  • Students will ask their parents for assistance, but strive to work independently, and know that their parents can contact teachers with questions.
  • Students will need a designated workspace for online work, reading, studying, artwork, etc.
  • Students should be ready for the beginning of the day when checking in for their lessons.  This includes having eaten breakfast, dressed, and being fully ready as they would for a school day.

Technology Needs and Expectations 

Students will need:

  • A computer with the Google Chrome browser, a webcam, microphone, and Internet access. Headphones or earbuds are also helpful so as not to disturb other family members.
  • Daily access to the internet.  Students will need to check their WSOC email accounts, Google Calendar, and Google Classroom to keep track of assignments.
  • To be online at the right time, according to the Weekly Overview schedule.
  • To treat all online interactions in the same manner as classroom learning. Respectful and polite interactions are expected on all chats, email, comments, and virtual meetings.
  • To maintain a school day appearance for all virtual video meetings, including maintaining your school name, without a virtual background.


  •  Parents should provide a dedicated place and time for students to work at home. Following the regular school day schedule will be helpful, when possible.
  • Parents are encouraged to provide as much support as they are able given their personal contexts and should assist their children to develop into independent learners.
  • It is not appropriate to complete the work for your child; however, ensuring your child understands the learning task, has the required resources, and is located in a productive learning space, is most appropriate.
  • Parents are encouraged to reach out to any teacher via email. It is also possible to schedule a phone call (see office hours and response times below).
  • Parents may be asked to visit the Waldorf School of Orange County to pick up needed supplies and may need to assist their children in submitting assigned work.
  • If your child is unwell and unable to participate in Beyond the Classroom learning, please advise your class teacher.



When possible, class and specialty teachers will work collaboratively to plan and deliver lessons. This collaboration will enhance the quality of the teaching and the well-being of the teachers. If necessary, teachers will organize needed supplies for pickup as determined by the school COVID-19 task force. Weekly class parent emails will be sent.



  • Beyond the Classroom includes virtual teacher office hours from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on weekdays. During this time, teachers are available to respond to emails and arrange phone calls. Please email ahead to schedule a phone conversation.
  • Parents can email their student’s class and specialty teachers. Please allow a response within 24 hours when emailing outside the virtual teacher office hours listed above.



To get started and access the online learning links and materials, please follow instructions emailed to you to open a Google Classroom account in your child’s name. If you did not receive an email, please contact


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