Learning Beyond the Classroom


Teachers will deliver learning activities through Google Classroom for parents to provide to their children. Suggested activities will be presented to the parents through weekly audio recorded stories  and a weekly “newspaper” written by the early childhood teachers. Our commitment to nurturing our relationships with parents and students will be maintained through the use of relevant technologies.


Each Monday, a letter will be sent to all families by their teachers via  Parent Square. Each Tuesday, teachers will post an audio recorded story for the children to enjoy for the remainder of the week. The stories will be posted in Google Classroom. Wednesdays and Fridays will be devoted to “family chats.” Teachers will create a schedule for weekly facetime or phone check- ins with parents and children. On Thursdays, parents will receive a copy of the “The Star.”  Inspired by the theme, “What do children really need,” topics will include: leading thoughts, games and movement activities, nutrition and recipe ideas, nature and gardening, handwork and crafts, and purposeful work.

Parents will access Google Classroom with an email set up in their name. Sign-in information has been sent to the parent’s email.



Children should participate in the daily life of the family supported by the rhythm and activities provided by the class teacher.


Parents may review the weekly teacher letter and the weekly “Star.” With the help of their teachers, parents are encouraged to create a healthy rhythm for their children incorporating the story and activity ideas provided.

Parents can email questions to their child’s teacher throughout the week. Teachers will respond within 24 hours if contacted after school hours.



Teachers will respond to emails and Google Classroom messages daily.

Teachers will be available to speak with parents by phone on request.

Teachers will arrange  monthly class parent meetings using  Zoom video conferencing.



To get started and access the online learning links and materials, please follow instructions emailed to you to open a Google Classroom account in your child’s name. If you did not receive an email, please contact


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