Learning Beyond the Classroom


Starting March 18, the Waldorf School of Orange County launched Learning Beyond the Classroom online curriculum for all students. Parents or students will sign into the online platform each morning and receive instructions, resources, and lessons from their teachers. In the wake of recent school closures and social distancing, this educational approach gives us the opportunity to practice and inspire learning, courage, and joy in new ways. While it may look different from usual, online lesson delivery is our reality for school during the coming weeks. Our faculty is excited about the possibilities and committed to continuing an engaging education for all students.

As with any new program, we ask for your patience as we address any glitches. We have carefully developed schedules, instructional plans, and remote class management to best support students and parents. We are prepared to receive and evaluate feedback from faculty, students, and parents and adjust as needed.


WSOC will deliver an online curriculum to all students on two platforms, primarily:

  • Google Suite (G Suite): Includes programs such as Calendar, Classroom, Docs, Drive, Slides, Sheets, and so on.
  • Zoom: Live video conversations and chat.

High School students also may use additional platforms.


Grades 7-8 and WSOC High School students were assigned a Google email account when they were enrolled and can use this account to access daily lesson plans. Students in early childhood through grade 6 have been assigned a new Google account. New account login details will be emailed to parents. Each parent or student will be required to sign in using the student’s Google account to gain access to the full G Suite and to view lessons and class pages.


All students need the following resources at home:

  • High-Speed Internet  that supports several devices and allows for smooth, high-quality video streaming.
  • Internet-Connected Device with Physical Keyboard such as a laptop or desktop computer, Microsoft Surface, Google Chromebook, or Apple iPad with a physical keyboard. Please select Google Chrome as your browser and discourage students from working on mobile phones.



All students will receive a weekly overview for their program or class. Daily updates will be posted by grade school and high school teachers, as well as information about daily assignments or other expectations. Parents (or age-appropriate students) will be expected to sign into their Google account daily and follow instructions from their teacher.



  • Help your child(ren) create a rhythm for learning. The rhythm will vary depending on their age but could include getting dressed each morning ready to sign in or starting your day with time outside.
  • Set up a clear work area in your home for your child(ren) to do schoolwork.
  • Set boundaries around technology use—encourage breaks, switch off the computer during breaks and lunch, stow any other devices during the school day, and get outside daily.



If you have questions regarding the technologies or need assistance setting up your child’s, please contact either etorres@waldorfschool.com or ggarrison@waldorfschool.com.

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