High School Curriculum and College Admissions Requirements

Graduation Requirements

SubjectTotal WSOC Units EarnedTotal UC & CSU Approved Units Earned at WSOCUC and CSU Requires
History30 units*20 units20 units
English50 units42.5 units40 units
Math50 units40 units30 units
Science37.5 units30 units20 units
Foreign Language (Spanish)40 units40 units20 units
Visual/Performing Arts65 units10 units10 units
Elective12.5 units10 units10 units
Physical Education20 units0 units0 units
Health20 units0 units0 units
Global Studies7.5 units0 units0 units

*10 units = one year

Waldorf School Orange County High School meets, or in some cases exceeds, college admissions requirements for entry. Because students are taught in “blocks” over the course of four years, students may receive more units for a given subject because of the number of times it is introduced.

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