2020 – 2021 School Academic Profile

Administration & Counseling

High School Coordinator: Gina Garrison ggarrison@waldorfschool.com
School Counselor: Lisa Westerhout lwesterhout@waldorfschool.com

High School Characteristics

Waldorf School of Orange County (WSOC) is an independent pre‐K‐12 coeducational, nonsectarian, nonprofit school.  WSOC is one of approximately 1039 Waldorf schools worldwide and 43 Waldorf high schools in the U.S.  Founded with a single kindergarten class in 1988, the school enrolled its first ninth grade class in fall 2007 and graduated its first twelfth grade class in spring 2011. The Campus is located 45 miles south of Los Angeles and 100 miles north of San Diego.

Total High School Enrolment 55 Students
Class of 2021 18  Students
Class of 2022 12 Students
Class of 2023 16 Students
Class of 2024 9 Students

WSOC is a comprehensive four- year high school serving grades 9-12. Like most high schools, WSOC provides students with a rigorous college preparatory program. What makes a Waldorf Education unique is the way in which the curriculum is delivered. Students take short intensives Blocks in core subjects every year. This fosters healthy cognitive development by revisiting core academic themes from year to year, unfolding progressive layers of complexity as the students mature.


Western Association of Schools and Colleges valid through 2025
Association of Waldorf Schools North America

High School


Team Sports: Flag Football,Girls Volleyball, Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Co-Ed Soccer, Boys’ Volleyball

Combined Sports 9-12: Physical Education classes may include surfing,sailing yoga, flag football, disc golf, hiking, basketball, dance, sailing, archery, soccer, swimming, track & field, and cross country


Grades are calculated on a 4.0 scale.The prescribed high school curriculum at WSOC is challenging. Therefore, Honors and AP coursework are not offered as an option.

Curriculum & College Requirements

Note: Classes in with an asterisk * are UC Approved Classes

The Waldorf Curriculum meets or exceeds the minimum class requirements for UC/CSU Eligibility

Note: Students need to earn a C or higher in all A-G classes and have a UC GPA of 3.0 or above in order to be eligible for admission to the UC System. The UC GPA is calculated using grades in A-G classes in 10th and 11th grade only.

9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade
Area A
2 years
World Hist 1A/*
Modern World History*
World Hist 1B/*
Ancient World History*
World Hist 1C/*
Greco -Roman History*
US History 1A*
World Hist 1D/*
Medieval-Renaissance History*
US History 1B*
Area B
4 years
English 1 A/B*English 2 A/B*
English 3 A/B*English 4 A/B*
Area C
3 years
Algebra 1*
Math /Survey of Trig
Algebra 2*
*College Prep Math
Math /Projective Geometry
*College Prep Math
Math /Survey of Calculus
Area D
2 years
Bio 1A /Anatomy*
Chem 1A /Organic*
Physics 1A /Thermo*
Earth Sci 1A /Gology
Bio 1B /Embryology*
Chem1B /Inorganic*
Physics 1B /Mechanics*
Earth Sci 1B /Dynamic Earth
Bio 1C /Botany*
Chem 1C /Atomic-Periodic*
Physics 1C /Electricity*
Earth Sci 1C /Astronomy
Bio 1D /zoology*
Chem 1D /Biochemistry*
Physics 1D /Optics*
Earth Sci 1D /Environment
Area E
Foreign Language
2 years
Spanish 1 A/B*Spanish 2 A/B*Spanish 3 A/B*Spanish 4 A/B*
Area F
The Arts
1 year
Aesth1A /Art History*
Art 1A /Drawing*
Art 1B /Printmaking*
Art 1C /Art Studio*
PA Eurythmy A/B*
Eurythmy Studio A/B
PA Choir A/B
PA Strings A/B
PA Wind A/B
Craft- puppetry
Craft- Basketry
Craft- Carpentry
Aesth1B/Music History*
Art 2A /Pastels*
Art 2B /Watercolors*
PA Eurythmy A/B*
Eurythmy Studio A/B
PA Choir A/B
PA Strings A/B
PA Wind A/B
Craft- Carpentry
Craft- textiles
Art 3A /Acrylics*
Art 3B /Veil*
PA Eurythmy A/B*
Eurythmy Studio A/B
PA Choir A/B
PA Strings A/B
PA Wind A/B
Craft Jewelry A/B
Craft Bookbinding
Craft Shoemaking
Aesth1C/Architecture Hist*
Art 4 A /Sculpt 1*
Art 4B /Sculpt 2*
PA Eurythmy A/B*
PA Choir A/B
PA Strings A/B
PA Wind A/B
Craft- Blacksmithing
Craft- Silk-screening
Craft- Weaving
Area G
Any A-G Classes that exceeds minimum requirements

SAT Average

SAT MeansTotal TestedERWMathTotal 
2016- 2017355585621120
2017- 2018226,6995785691055California

ACT Average

Total Tested  EnglishMathReadingScienceComposite 
Grad YearSchoolStateSchoolState

College Matriculation

100% of the class of 2019 matriculated to 4-year colleges /Universities

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