Grades 1 – 8 Application Process

Applications for the grades may be submitted at any time during the year. Students are considered and accepted year round pending space availability.

To request an application click HERE.

  1. Complete WSOC application online – this is an opportunity for us to learn about you and your child.
  2. Application Fee of $100.00
  3. If a class is full, your application will be placed on file to be contacted when a space becomes available. A new application must be filled out for each academic year.
  4. If there is space available in the class, the application(s) will be forwarded to the Class Teacher and the College of Teachers for discussion and decision. The College of Teachers meets one evening every week. If the agenda allows, an applicant will be considered the week the application is received. If the meeting agenda is full, the application will be considered the following week.
  5. If agreed, the applicant and parents are invited to a Family Interview with the class teacher, a second faculty member and the Director of Admissions. An Assessment of the student will be completed at this time by our Resource Teacher. A second Assessment may be required in some cases.
  6. If agreed, the student(s) will be invited for a Class Visit — (3 to 5 days).
  7. Following the visit, the class teacher, Admissions Director and parents will discuss the result.
  8. If an offer has been made, a student may begin class as soon as Registration has been completed.

Once your application is “complete” with all of the above, we will schedule a Shadow Day and Parent & Student Interview.

Applications are considered “complete” and will be processed when all of the above has been received.

Decision letters will be mailed after interview and shadow day have been completed.

After a student has been accepted, an end-of-year transcript from the student’s current school should be provided to:

Waldorf School of Orange County
Attn: Admissions Director
2350 Canyon Dr.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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