Outdoor Classrooms and Exciting Return to School Announcements!

We’ve moved outdoors! 
Outdoor classrooms are something many Waldorf schools have embraced for years, particularly in the Early Childhood programs. Certainly, nature has been a front-and-center teaching tool since our inception. In compliance with current Health and Safety protocols in light of Covid, WSOC has successfully made the transition to a combination of indoor and outdoor classroom instruction. We are thankful to the countless community hands, hearts and minds that made this transition possible. Over the last several weeks, our campus has been buzzing with activity: white tents erected, desks and chairs carefully spaced in the green grass, new canopies and shade sails arcing gracefully over sections of campus from the grades to high school. In addition to the added blessing of fresh air and sunshine to our students’ daily routine, we are pleased to be able to offer Outdoor Classrooms in order to support more robust on-campus instruction, while also accommodating CA Health and Safety requirements. Take a look at some of these outdoor spaces below!
Class cohorts are growing 
We are pleased to announce that beginning on Monday, 9/21, all classes will transition from split cohorts to full class size cohorts in each class for those attending enrichment programs. As part of our health and safety review process for grades 1-8, the capacity to maintain 8 class cohorts will be a more successful practice on our campus with our class sizes and available traffic flow patterns. This change is in line with the OC Health Agency and was verified as a best practice with Dr. Chau, the OC Health Agency Director. Two added benefits are increased class community building and class schedule simplification, creating a more hygienic teaching and learning experience. There will be no schedule changes for Week 2 of our Enrichment Schedule as a result of this change.We’re going back full time soon 
As shared in previous communications, we have committed to a two week enrichment schedule to ensure our health and safety procedures are practiced in advance of a transition to a full week schedule for students on campus. As we approach our second week of enrichment, we are pleased to share the steps for our transition to a “traditional schedule” beginning Monday, 9/28. Additionally, Dr. Chau has advised that ALL WSOC grades are free to return to campus effective Monday, 9/28 and we look forward to receiving them with open and distanced arms!Due to continued Health and Safety requirements, Big Aftercare will not be considered until November 2020.

An overview of the schedules


  • GRADES 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8  —  Thursday, 9/24: Grades 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 will be extended to a 1:10 departure time. Classes will have snack/recess and lunch/recess. Please send both a snack and a lunch.
  • GRADES 3, 5 and 7 — Friday, 9/25: Grades 3, 5, 7 will be extended to a 1:10 departure time. Classes will have snack/recess and lunch/recess. Please send both a snack and a lunch.
  • ALL GRADES — Beginning Monday, 9/28: All grades, (1-12), will be on campus with a regular schedule.  High School 8:15 – 3:15 and Lower School 8:30 – 2:50.


  • GRADES 9-12 — Monday, 9/21, Grades 9-12 are online — the updated High School In-Person Schedule will be used for ALL high school students (attached) and for the rest of the week. Even though it’s described as “in-person,” the same schedule will also be used for online instruction.
  • The original Enrichment Schedule will only be utilized again if students are required to shift back to an online program.
  • GRADE 12 — Tuesday, 9/22 AND Wednesday, 9/23: Grade 12 only on campus
  • GRADES 11 & 12 — Thursday, 9/24: Grade 11 and Grade 12 only on campus
  • GRADES 9 – 12 — Friday, 9/25: Grades 9-12 on campus (except those remaining in Learning Beyond the Classroom)

By bringing Grade 12 in first, we hope to instill strong boundaries regarding expectations for health and safety. In this way the seniors will set the example for the other classes. Students need to arrive at 8am for check-in and have their screening completed by a parent via ParentSquare.


  • Having signage in your windshield with your family’s last name and the grades of your children is proving to be VERY helpful during the pick up protocol! Thank you!
  • Choice Lunch will continue to be our hot lunch program. Please find details in Monday’s Hot Sheet for sign-ups and an official start date.

**Given that we continue to live in the dynamic times of a global pandemic, all schedules are subject to change. We continuously thank you for your understanding, encouragement and grace as we navigate these times.


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