Friday Message from Your Return to School Committee 8/21/20

Dear families,

Good morning! If you were able to attend the Town Halls (if not, see below!), you learned about our new on-campus enrichment program that will take place along with remote learning. To properly facilitate this, we need your help. We need to quickly know your choice of learning options. We’re running very close to the first day of school. We would like to ask you to please fill out this VERY important survey: WSOC 20-21 Learning Options. We would so appreciate receiving this information by end-of- day today, so that your teachers may begin making plans for cohort groups for the on-campus enrichment portions of our school week. As you know, the Revised Tuition Agreement Release Date is today, August 21, end-of-day.

Thank you for continuing to ride this wave with us as we finalize our lesson plans for fall based on the latest information available from our local government and the CA Department of Public Health. We are so grateful that we have been able to create an option to bring our students back on campus for enrichment, albeit for short periods.

While we have established that adding on-campus enrichment opportunities to our remote learning plan will incur additional costs, we have determined that these additional costs will NOT be passed on to our families at this time. The adaptive tuition plan that we shared in your Return to School Guide remains accurate and up-to-date.

As previously mentioned in the Return to School Guide: if a family first chooses Distance Learning and changes their mind and wishes to participate in the proposed on-campus enrichment opportunities in the future, we ask only that you alert us 48 hours in advance so your class teacher may be prepared. In the grades and high school, that preparation would include setting up a distanced desk space for your child. This also helps us in taking appropriate attendance and in maintaining safety protocols for the total number of students in each classroom.

If you missed the Grades Town Hall or High School Town Hall, the recordings are now available for you to view. Slide decks for both Town Halls are attached to this message.

Grades Town Hall: Password: #u!1iNb$

Grades Town Hall slide deck

High School Town Hall: Password: 4S*sAk0*

High School Town Hall slide deck

Please enjoy our Band teacher Edwin Lovo’s amazing trumpet performance from the Grades Town Hall here.

We are filled with love and gratitude for each and every one of you as we join together on the next phase of our journey. Have a blessed weekend!



Your Return to School Committee

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