Friday Message From Your Leadership Team 8/14/20

Dear Waldorf Families,

Last week we encouraged you to enjoy and make the most of these “dog days of summer;” at the same time we assured you that we would continue our work on firming up plans for the upcoming school year. Well, there have been many busy hands and minds – on and off campus – these past few days! 

The blacktop and parking lot have gleaming new coats, walkways are being redone to make them safer, spaces for outdoor enrichment activities are taking shape, and the landscaping is getting a good grooming. In short, our grounds are getting ready to welcome back our WSOC community – in measured, gradual, well thought-out steps this year, but come back to campus we will! 

In addition to the flurry of physical activity here at school, a lot of thought and soul forces have poured into considerations how we can best meet our students’ needs in these times. 

As we shared with you previously, we have entered into the process of applying for a waiver; we will update you on the status in our weekly communications. If granted, this waiver would not address all grades levels, though. We share the perspective that in-person learning is the best way to meet and engage each and every one of our students, from littlest to adolescents to young adults. To create space for this vision, the RTS Committee presented to the College and Board a proposal for a schedule that would allow for distance learning and on-campus enrichment opportunities for students across all grades.

Sara Rodelo took lead on developing and presenting this proposal and we would like to express our deepest gratitude to her and the entire committee for the truly countless hours (not to mention sweat and tears!) that went into this impressive document.

The process of considering deeply, asking questions, giving feedback, revising, circling back and ultimately arriving at a decision highlighted in a most beautiful way the deep wisdom of having different realms whose contributions flow into decisions that serve our community and the Being of the school. We are grateful and honored to fulfill our roles as Servant Leadership to you, our community.

We now enter into the exciting phase of readying ourselves for the beginning of the school year. At next week’s Town Hall meetings there will be a lot to share about the specifics of what this will look like for you, our students and families – so please make sure to join us!

In closing, we’d like to thank and acknowledge the families that contacted us already, sharing their thoughts and plans for the upcoming school year. We so appreciate the thoughtful gesture. Keeping our WSOC “fleet” together is our highest goal; if there is anything we can do to support your decision to remain one of our cherished “vessels,” please let us know and we will be there to meet you.

In order to complete the waiver process, WSOC is required to survey all school families to collect your answers to the questions here. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your participation is vital to the process. Please review the attached safety protocols (slideshow here) prior to taking the survey. After reviewing those, please click here: Return to School Survey

With much warmth and gratitude,


Andrea Hubert                           Maureen McDermottd

Chair, College of Teachers        Chair, Board of Trustees

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