Friday Message from Your Leadership Team 8/7/20

A word from our College of Teachers and Board Chairs

Dear families,

As the weeks of summer pass, this is the time of year where many of us would be lolling about in a relaxed and peaceful manner … far from home at a beautiful vacation destination, on the local beach, or even in our own backyard. At any rate, the old school year would be a pleasant memory and the new one still far enough away to not be too alarming. We would steadfastly ignore all those pesky “back to school” ads and specials and reassure ourselves that there is plenty of summer left.

In stark contrast to that stands this extraordinary summer of 2020: The summer that has us here at WSOC planning, strategizing, adjusting, re-shifting every week, sometimes every day. The summer that has your children longing for a return to school even more fervently than usual. The summer that has presented families with many challenges … and, at the same time, the summer that has the potential to strengthen our bonds as a community as only a true crisis can.

By now, we have given you numerous updates – on the state of our finances, our return to school planning, on how we stretch to meet you as we face the challenges past, present, and those still waiting to be overcome. The North Star Fund, adaptive tuition models, flexible scenarios for return to campus and/or learning at home are all part of our shared vocabulary by now. You have been lending us your ear and been active participants in our community dialog both in individual conversations and town halls. If you missed our latest community events, please click through our online archives, listen to the Town Hall recordings (attached for your convenience) and review the presentations summarizing all the information we have available at this point, including our comprehensive Return to School Guide.

Yes, there are many worries that keep us awake at night, many questions we still hold … but we want to encourage you today to truly relish these remaining weeks of summer. Rest assured that we will continue to pour our heart into valiant efforts to facilitate a return to campus in the healthiest way possible for the students, under the circumstances. Find moments of joy, serenity and peace knowing that we are here to work with our very best efforts and intentions, for your children and our cherished school. We will be able to update you very soon in greater detail on what the coming school year will look like so you can make an informed decision on behalf of your children. If your family already stands firm in the resolve to attend WSOC in the Fall, we would love to hear from you (and you can only imagine what an encouragement each “Yes, we’re with you!” will mean for our teachers and staff!) – please contact Linda Timmons or Kathy Christian to affirm your intentions to return. We so appreciate you!



Andrea Hubert

College of Teachers Chair and Class Teacher, Class of 2031


Dear Community Members,

As I write this to you, I am sitting at my desk with a cup of tea enjoying the quiet morning sounds before my family wakes.

Thank you to the many who have participated in our Town Halls and read the Return to School Guide. I hope our commitment is evident as we endeavor to keep you informed, listen to and answer your questions, and execute the planning and preparation for returning to school and meeting every scenario we may face this year. What I really hope shines through are the ways in which we are redoubling our efforts to keep our community together in these unprecedented times: with programs such as Adaptive Tuition, The North Star Fund and our always-present Tuition Adjustment Program. When I hear what is happening in many schools and communities, it again reminds me how so proud I am to be a part of this one.

If we could ask something of you, it would be to let us know your plans when you know them. Yes, this is a dynamic time and the landscape changes daily. Our commitment to flexibility works best when we are in communication with you. If you are committed to this year with us, please let us know. If you want to be and are still uncertain, reach out; we want to know that too!

I looked at my calendar this week and about fell over that it is August and we are weeks away from the start of school. This summer – one that has felt like unlike any summer on the books – is drawing to a close. I feel it in the morning air. The questions I am currently thinking of: “What is the experience I want to create with my family in the coming weeks? Where can I make the most of the time to create memories that will be reminders of who we are as a family: loving, connected, and adventurous?” I am also looking to September and, much like the teachers who learned what worked and didn’t with Learning Beyond the Classroom, I am thinking about how can I set us up for the best possible experience for whatever scenario we are in. I am expecting that I will have flexibility and I will support our boys, however that unfolds.

The 2020-2021 school year will be unlike any before it. The ways in which we we come together in community – and for the greater community – will be us living our vision.

“WSOC has the vision of a world where the sanctity of childhood is protected, the unique gifts of every student are respected and the graduates embrace the future as engaged global citizens.”


Warm regards,

Maureen McDermott

WSOC Board Chair


Updates: Mark Your Calendars


Wednesday, August 19 

Grades Virtual Town Hall 


Thursday, August 20 

High School Virtual Town Hall


More information coming soon!

Waiver Update 

Our application for the Elementary Education Waiver is currently in process. We will continue to keep you posted weekly with any updates on our progress.


Happy Friday, everyone!

Your WSOC Leadership Team


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