Friday Message from the WSOC Leadership Team 7/24/20

Dear Community,

Thank you for participating in our Community Town Hall on Wednesday evening. We presented a breadth of information and we hope the following resources will help in your review as we continue to move through the process of returning to school.

If you missed the event, or would like to watch it again:

July 22, 2020 Community Town Hall Recording

Password: Q1KYm.Ic

Please also find attached our Community Town Hall Slide Deck and the California Department of Public Health Guidelines released July 17, 2020 for your review. 

Waiver Application Update

As was raised in the Town Hall, the CDPH Guidelines do reference the possibility of schools applying for a Waiver to safely return physically to campus irrespective of the county monitoring list. We are pursuing a waiver and are currently awaiting the process and parameters to be made available by the Orange County Health Care Agency. Dr. David Kruse most recently communicated Thursday morning with Dr. Clayton Chau, Agency Director and Acting County Health Office of the OC Health Care Agency, who stated that he would advise as soon as the Waiver form is published. It is not yet available. We wasted no time investigating the waiver and are pursuing every option available in regards to safely returning physically to campus. Unfortunately, we are in a waiting game as the county health authorities create the form and process for application. Whatever the outcome, WSOC has guaranteed distance learning for families who require it.

July 31, 2020 Enrollment Agreement Cancellation Deadline

Several Slido questions referenced the July 31st deadline, (moved from May 31), to withdraw in conjunction with making an informed enrollment decision. We want to reassure you that there will be no financial impact to you without necessary information regarding the financial and return to school plans. The Board meets Tuesday, July 28th, to discuss this and other financial matters as we continue to reach toward keeping our community together.

Next Week

  • July 27 – Community Slido Questions Answered and Posted Online
  • July 28 – Board Meeting
  • July 31 – Community Message with Return to School Guide attached and Board decisions confirmed

This Return to School Guide will include specific details about the adaptive tuition plan, agreements, withdrawal, as well as details about Scenario A (in person), Scenario B (remote), essential worker requirements, camps, enrichment, and safety procedures when we are on campus. It may or may not clarify the waiver process for you as we have no control over when that form is made available to schools.

  • Early August- Community Financial Town Hall – to describe the Adaptive Tuition Model and to answer parent questions

Thank You

Once again, thank you. We’ll likely say that over and over again to you in the months ahead. We appreciate how difficult it is not to have more clarity around some of these important processes and decisions you’re being asked to make. You need to make choices and want to be informed in order to do that well. We understand that completely and continue to strive to support you.

As new information arrives, and older information, (sometimes just the day before), becomes outdated, we are committed to keeping you informed.

Our community is blessed with a vast range of differences, and we celebrate those differences. We are educating our students to understand that being “in community” means welcoming a breadth of opinions without excluding those we may disagree with. As we move forward together, no matter where you are on the spectrum of opinion, please know that we are committed to your health and safety first.

In the days, weeks and months ahead, many things will change, but those things that mean the most to all of us – Your Health, Your Children, and Our Community – will continue to be our priority.


The WSOC Leadership Team


Andrea Hubert, College Chair

Douglas Garrett, School Administrator

Maureen McDermott, Board of Trustees Chair

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