Friday Message from the WSOC Leadership Team
Andrea Hubert, College of Teachers Chair
Megan Brown, Board of Trustees Chair
Douglas Garrett, School Administrator

Dear WSOC Community,

Wishing everyone a relaxing 3-day Memorial Day weekend!

Returning to School Update…..

One of the commitments your school leadership has made to you is to be active listeners, and to integrate your valuable feedback in our decision-making process. We have been doing just that – listening!

Your Faculty, Board and Administration are actively making plans for the reopening of school for the 2020-2021 school year. The first day of the school year is September 8, 2020 and, at this point, it is our goal to be in-person and on campus together.

The plans being made are rooted in keeping our WHOLE community safe, while finding courageous and creative solutions that enable us to be together again. All of our planning considers the orders, recommendations and guidance of our local and state public health officials, and is subject to change in the light of those directions and recommendations.

We’re pleased to announce a community WSOC Town Hall meeting on June 3, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. To crowdsource the best questions from our community and make everyone a part of the conversation, we will be utilizing Slido, a web-based software. Simply go to this link SLIDO and enter Event Code 92627. Enter your questions today and up until Wednesday, May 27, 2020. Your questions will then become the basis of our community Town Hall. A separate Town Hall Zoom Meeting invite will be shared prior to the event.

All of us at WSOC are shared investors – we are investing in our children, in our future, and in our school. Our shared set of core values, “a vision of the world where the sanctity of childhood is protected; the unique gifts of every student are respected; and graduates courageously embrace the future as engaged global citizens” will be sustained if we hold together and support each other through this storm. As stakeholders, we are all making individual decisions that lead to macro consequences for us all.

Even with the global pandemic and classwork having moved online this spring,more than 85% of our families have registered for the 20-21 school year. They do so not knowing what the fall will look like, but with a commitment that we are going to get through this together, that we are committed to returning to in-person learning when it is safe to do so. We will all come back to classrooms, go on field trips and enjoy athletic games. We will get there, if we stand together and send a strong message of support for each other, our teachers, staff and programs.

The North STAR Fund and our Tuition Adjustment Program were created to support our community remaining together – every student, every family. These programs are designed to help those who are committed but need financial support in order to remain. Please don’t hesitate to apply – if you need support, these programs are for you. Find the information on our website.

We understand that the financial aspect is only part of the picture; please know that your concerns about value, or safety, or quality of the program, are heard and that our planning will be informed by what you have shared with us.

It is our overwhelming desire to return to normalcy in the fall and we are committed to doing what is best for your children. Know that your teachers will always continue to see and respect your children as developing beings of body, soul and spirit. Your children’s connections to their teachers will be the tether to keep them tied to the shore of well-being through this pandemic.

The end of the school year is soon upon us. Thoughts of what we’ve missed these last weeks come easily, and uncertainty still remains. What is needed is to remain positive, focused and committed to each other. We will make it through and be together again.

Stay well in all ways, dear friends – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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