Friday Message from the WSOC Leadership Team

Andrea Hubert, College of Teachers Chair
Megan Brown, Board of Trustees Chair
Douglas Garrett, School Administrator

Learning Beyond the Classroom Update

This past week, we have received important questions worth pondering from you, and we thank you for that. Questions such as, “What exactly does ‘new normal’ mean?” or “What will the beginning of the upcoming school year look like at WSOC?”

We have clearly entered a different stage in dealing with the crisis we find ourselves in. In hindsight, the initial response seems almost an easy feat – quick, decisive action to ensure everyone’s safety, and a sense of rallying and unity. Now that we have entered a new phase, our concerns are beginning to shift and diverge.

Last week I wrote about how differently each family experiences Learning Beyond the Classroom. This week we can ponder how diverse the questions are that each of us holds. How high is the risk? At what cost come all the restrictions we have? How long will this go on?

As always in completely new situations and uncharted terrain, there are more good questions than answers. No one can safely say at the current stage whether our measures and actions – on a global, national, local or organizational level – are reckless or fear-driven, excessive, too limited, or just right.

One thing is for sure: This dance will be a delicate one and our goal is to eventually align our steps and form a ring around our children whose wellbeing must be at the center of all decision-making. To form this beautiful dancing ring (you may picture it with or without hand-holding, shoulder-to-shoulder or safely distanced, depending on your unique perspective), we need to each keep our eyes on the circle as a whole and look beyond where our own feet are planted.

From this picture befitting our May Faire week, I’d like to shift to more concrete considerations: After careful weighing of many contributing factors, your school leadership has decided to end the 2019/20 school year on June 12th, a week earlier than originally planned. Many of you have contacted us requesting this change to meet your family’s needs, and we agree that this will support the health of all our students, from the youngest children to our graduating class.

For today, best wishes to you all and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow for our May Faire celebration!

Who to contact: Please contact your teacher first with questions and/or concerns. If additional help is needed:

Early Childhood – Barbara Cubanski

Grades 1- 8 – Brooke Natzke
High School – Gina Garrison

Returning to School Update

Last week we mentioned that balance is a key guiding principle in our work toward safely returning to campus. Listening to state and local public health guidance is one very important aspect for determining our course. However, listening to the needs of our community, including the students, parents and teachers, is equally important.

Together, we will weigh all factors, while making independent and balanced decisions that best serve our community. We each work to achieve a balance within ourselves, and we do the same as a community.

This week we wanted you to know about the areas we are actively working on:

Identifying all key aspects that inform our planning
A Learning Plan for 2020-21
A Health and Safety Plan that can inform all campus activities moving forward, including possible summer programs
Budget and financial planning that supports the school and community health
We will be able to fully assess the viability and details of the opportunities for returning to school as things continue to progress.

As always, please continue to share with us your questions and concerns as we move forward together. Listening to you is important to us because your thoughts and ideas are then brought into the circles of decision-making conversations. Thank you!

Who to contact: Douglas Garrett at, or 714.746.5033


Community Health Update

The healthy social life is found only when, in the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the community, the strength of each one is living. – Rudolf Steiner

As this quote from Rudolf Steiner suggests, a healthy social school life is a delicate balance between the needs of the individual and the needs of the school. Working together within the living social life of our school, the needs of each family and the needs of the school meet and are joined together in a community journey.


The North STAR Fund – -Stand Together Assistance Relief

All families are invited to participate in The North STAR by submitting a STAR Application Form available on our website. Follow this link North STAR Fund

Who to contact: Jeff Barth or 949.574.7775, ext. 208 to learn more about this program.

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