Friday Message from the WSOC Leadership Team
Andrea Hubert, College of Teachers Chair
Megan Brown, Board of Trustees Chair
Douglas Garrett, School Administrator

Learning Beyond the Classroom Update

This week has seen much activity on campus – as I share with you this update, there are still a number of colleagues milling about (at a distance from each other, of course, and with an eye on our established safety protocol!), lovingly putting together another “care package” for each student. At least in the First Grade, these shipments are eagerly awaited … as I just heard from a number of my students in their small group Zoom calls this afternoon! With the resilience so typical of young children, they have adapted to the situation, thrive on the rhythm we together provide, and are ready to dive into next week’s learning with a fresh supply of paper and beeswax. Elsewhere in our community, beautiful high school woodworking projects are finding their way onto our social media feed, the 8th Grade students are putting finishing touches on their project presentations … and have you seen the beautiful EC newsletter??

It is, of course, challenging to get this remote learning balance just right. Your feedback showed that some families wanted more, while others wanted less. This need for more, or less, is unique to each of our homes and work environments as well as the learning styles and ages of our children. Applaud yourselves for what you can accomplish and let go of what remains undone. We invite you to find the balance that is right for your unique situation, and we hope to keep hearing from you how we may support.

Your WSOC faculty is finding ways to continue to meet each student’s unique needs, despite the highly unusual circumstances. What we have learned this week is that even though we would hardly consider remote learning an ideal situation, it is reassuring that the students are still learning core concepts and adding new and valuable organization skills to boot. In households with multiple children, parents might see them working together on a riddle or movement game, happily immersed in each other’s learning.  In the absence of siblings, dolls and stuffed animals are arranged into a classroom at home, with the child proceeding to entertain their captive audience with those same stories, math problems, form drawings and spelling games. This is what we are striving for – to keep providing ingredients for a nurturing home learning environment. Until next time, we miss you all — stay well!

With warmest wishes for a lovely Mother’s Day weekend ~

Who to contact: Please contact your teacher first with questions and/or concerns.

If additional help is needed:

Early Childhood – Barbara Cubanski

Grades 1- 8 – Brooke Natzke
High School – Gina Garrison

Returning to Our Campus Update

As we continue to follow public and community health guidance from state and regional agencies, we are actively evaluating and planning for our return to campus.  We hope this will involve activities as early as June, but at the very least we continue to focus on a return for the 2020-2021 academic year.

As the situation unfolds over the next several weeks, you should also know that we are considering the possibility of summer camp activities. We will be able to fully assess the viability of these opportunities as things continue to progress.

We are experiencing growing confidence that our new normal will become clearer over the next several months and a return to our campus for the 2020-21 school year will become a reality. We will continue to adjust and adapt to the evolving situation.

Balance seems a key word in this situation. This is also an essential social principle in Waldorf education. We can go too far one way, or too far the other. Hearing each other and weighing different points of view will help us find the independent, balanced decisions that best serve our community.

Please continue to share with us your questions and concerns as we move forward together.

Who to contact: Douglas Garrett at, or 714.746.5033.

 Community Health Update

The North STAR (Stand Together Assistance Relief) Fund is successfully under way with applications already being processed. This is truly “community helping community” in action, with a commitment to keeping our fleet intact!

Families that are experiencing financial difficulty are invited to seek assistance by submitting a STAR Application Form available on our website at North STAR Fund.

The North STAR Fund consists of generous gifts from both within and outside of the community, as well as by a specially appointed fund approved by the Board of Trustees. Please consider supporting our community if you are in a position to do so, on our Giving Web page at North STAR Fund.

Thank you to the generous families who have already made contributions to the fund.

Who to contact: Interim Finance Director Mimi Sueda or 949.574.7775, ext. 208

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