THE NORTH STAR (Stand Together Assistance Relief) Fund

The North STAR (Stand Together Assistance Relief) Fund


Dear Waldorf School of Orange County Community Members, Family and Alumni,

In times of uncertainty, returning to one’s fundamental values becomes a North Star of sorts, a guiding light for one’s course. It is the commitment of the Waldorf School of Orange County to weather this COVID-19-induced storm as a community, though we are all in our own boats, guided by our North Star value.

 Keeping Our Community Intact  

We are traveling through this storm together as a single fleet, yet the turbulent waters are impacting each of us in different ways. We recognize that many in our community, among our fleet, are struggling…. we need to follow our course — our North Star. In our commitment to keep all of our students enrolled and engaged in our classrooms, the Board of Trustees and College of Teachers are digging deep to find ways to weather this storm.


We have just launched ‘The North STAR (Stand Together Assistance Relief) Fund:’ an initiative to help those families in our community who have been hurt financially and are unable to pay tuition costs at this time. Any family who is struggling with tuition costs for the remainder of this year can apply to receive these funds. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis by a team who, to the applicants, will remain anonymous, and will strive to limit any bias. Families that are experiencing difficulty are invited to seek assistance by submitting the STAR Form  online or submit to Interim Finance Director Mimi Sueda at or fax to 949-574-7740.

Donation Form

The North STAR Fund will be comprised of generous gifts from both within and outside of the community, as well by the school. Please consider supporting our community if you are in a position to do so. Together, we can find a way to keep this one great fleet united and afloat. We know that every dollar makes a difference!  Please visit our donation page here. Additionally, donations can be mailed to the school, ATTN: North STAR Fund or by calling Mimi Sueda at 949-574-7775 ext. 208.

Thank you to our Parents, Students, Faculty, and Administrative staff for navigating these turbulent seas during such stormy weather, as well as for continuing to keep our school community engaged. Thank you, also, to our family, friends, alumni, community members and donors for your continued support during this time.

We welcome any additional support or ideas in this unprecedented time. Please contact our school administrator, Douglas Garrett with any questions, comments, concerns or ideas.

Thank you for being a part of our community, our fleet – there has never been a time more than now that we need, are grateful for, and rely on you.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay in touch!

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