Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fee schedule for the current school year:

Monthly Tuition
(10 Months)

Pre-Kindergarten 3 Day*$9,995.00$999.50$315.00$0.00

Pre-Kindergarten 4 Day**$10,770.00$1,077.00$335.00$0.00

Pre-Kindergarten 5 Day**$13,160.00$1,316.00$375.00$0.00


Grade 1$15,050.00$1,505.00$375.00$0.00

Grade 2$15,050.00$1,505.00$375.00$0.00

Grade 3$15,050.00$1,505.00$375.00$0.00

Grade 4$15,050.00$1,505.00$375.00$0.00

Grade 5$15,050.00$1,505.00$430.00$0.00

Grade 6$15,050.00$1,505.00$430.00$0.00

Grade 7$15,050.00$1,505.00$430.00$0.00

Grade 8$15,050.00$1,505.00$430.00$0.00

Grade 9$18,870.00$1,887.00$615.00$450.00

Grade 10$18,870.00$1,887.00$615.00$450.00

Grade 11$18,870.00$1,887.00$615.00$450.00

Grade 12$18,870.00$1,887.00$615.00$450.00

*Minimum age 3 years, 9 months by Sept 1st

**4-day and 5-day Pre-Kindergarten programs based on sufficient enrollment



Tuition payment options: 1 annual or 2 semi-annual payments. Families choosing to pay over 10 months will be charged a $45 per family annual fee. All tuition payments will be auto-deducted. Credit cards will not be accepted.


After School Care

Big Aftercard rates are $7.00 per hour for each child by reserving in advance. Drop in rate is $8.50 per hour. Little Aftercare rates are the same, with a $10.00 per hour charge between 4 — 5 P.M.


Registration Fees: (non-refundable and due at time of registration)


Supply Fees: (non-refundable and auto-deducted in June)


High School Activity Fee: (non-refundable and auto-deducted in July)


Scrip Deposit

Each family will be auto-billed a $275 scrip deposit in June. When the $275 obligation is met, it will be rolled over to the following school year.


Adjustment of Suggested Tuition


Parent Participation

The school depends on parents to offer a commitment of time to festivals, fundraising and school development activities. Every family is also asked to make a financial commitment beyond their suggested tuition by contributing to our Annual Giving Campaign, generating a minimum of $275 in profit for our Scrip program per school year and supporting other fundraising activities.


Class Times


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