Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fee schedule for the current school year:

Monthly Tuition
(10 Months)

Pre-Kindergarten 3 Day*$9,800.00$980.00$315.00$0.00

Pre-Kindergarten 4 Day**$10,555.00$1,055.50$335.00$0.00

Pre-Kindergarten 5 Day**$12,900.00$1,290.00$375.00$0.00


Grade 1$14,750.00$1,475.00$375.00$0.00

Grade 2$14,750.00$1,475.00$375.00$0.00

Grade 3$14,750.00$1,475.00$375.00$0.00

Grade 4$14,750.00$1,475.00$375.00$0.00

Grade 5$14,750.00$1,475.00$430.00$0.00

Grade 6$14,750.00$1,475.00$430.00$0.00

Grade 7$14,750.00$1,475.00$430.00$0.00

Grade 8$14,750.00$1,475.00$430.00$0.00

Grade 9$18,500.00$1,850.00$615.00$450.00

Grade 10$18,500.00$1,850.00$615.00$450.00

Grade 11$18,500.00$1,850.00$615.00$450.00

Grade 12$18,500.00$1,850.00$615.00$450.00

*Minimum age 3 years, 9 months by Sept 1st

**4-day and 5-day Pre-Kindergarten programs based on sufficient enrollment


Registration Fee:


Registration Late Fee:


Class Times


After School Care

Rates are $7.00 per hour for each child who participates by reserving in advance. Drop in rate is $8.50 per hour.

Scrip Deposit

Each family will be billed a $275.00 scrip deposit due in June. The deposit will be returned as soon as you have reached your $275.00 scrip obligation, or you can have the deposit rolled over to the following school year.
More information about Scrip is available HERE

Adjustment of Suggested Tuition


Parent Participation

The school depends on parents to offer a commitment of time to festivals, fundraising and school development activities. Every family is also asked to make a financial commitment beyond their suggested tuition by contributing to our Annual Giving Campaign, generating a minimum of $275.00 in profit for our Scrip program per school year and supporting other fundraising activities.



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