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Knitting Is More Important Than Homework

Waldorf parent Mara Menachem writes in the Huffington Post about her experience of putting her two sons into a Waldorf school.



Educating Children for the Journey: Jack Petrash



How to Escape Education's Death Valley: Ken Robinson



Schools Kill Creativity: Ken Robinson



Bring on the Education Revolution: Ken Robinson



Changing Education Paradigms






MSNBC Nov 30th, 2011

LOS ALTOS — Allysun Sokolowski, a third-grade teacher, greets each one of her 29 students by name and shakes their hand as they enter the classroom. It's easy for her because she's known these kids at the Los Altos, Calif., school for a while.




Daily Pilot Sept 22nd, 2011

COSTA MESA — The Waldorf School of Orange County plans to dedicate environmentally friendly classrooms crafted from recycled shipping containers Friday evening.



Daily Pilot Sept 14th, 2011

COSTA MESA — Standing before the Costa Mesa Planning Commission, Ellen Kawata thanked the city and the Waldorf School of Orange County for helping her business.






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Waldorf School of Orange County - Where Education Come Alive


The History of Waldorf Education

Since its inception in 1919, Waldorf education has become one of the largest private, non-profit, nondenominational, independent K-12 systems in the world, with approximately 1,000 schools in 83 countries.

Waldorf School of Orange County - Where Education Come AliveWaldorf education was developed in Europe by Rudolf Steiner, who was a great visionary, educator and scientist. He was adept at observing the developing child. His goal in education was to nurture artistically, spiritually and intellectually the highest potential in each child. The curriculum, style of teaching and incorporation of the arts into each subject are the things that set Waldorf education apart.

With great insight, care and concern Steiner developed Waldorf education. The Latin educare (the root of our word for education) means to "bring forth." Steiner said, "Education is an art—it must speak to the child's experience. To educate the whole child, the heart and the will must be reached as well as the mind."

In a Waldorf School competence, is stressed, as every child is taught they can be an artist, a scientist, a writer, a gardener, a carpenter, a mathematician or all of the above. Individuals may blossom at different times and with differing intensity, but the ability is there.

"Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings, who are able out of their own initiative to impart purpose and direction in their lives."

—Ruldolf Steiner


Waldorf School of Orange County - Where Education Come Alive About Our School:
The History of Waldorf School of Orange County

Waldorf School of Orange County - Where Education Come AliveOur school began with a small group of parents who shared a strong concern for educating their children in the most positive way. These committed individuals had been involved together in a study group. As the idea of a Waldorf school began to germinate, a Board of Trustees was formed in the fall of 1987, and the first kindergarten class formed in January 1988.

We have grown into a thriving school serving three hundred students in pre-kindergarten through high school plus early childhood playgroups. Our high school opened in the fall of 2007, adding one grade per year, we will have a full, four-year high school by the 2010-11 school year.

We welcome you to one of our Open Houses, Information Meetings or Walk Through the Grades.

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