Accessible-To-All (ATA) Tuition Adjustment Program

Waldorf School of Orange County is committed to making Waldorf education accessible to all families who value it, regardless of their financial situation. Our goal is to ensure that the acceptance of a child into our school is not dependent on the financial resources of the child's family—a concept that was important to Rudolf Steiner in the founding of Waldorf education.

The ATA tuition adjustment program is one way we live out our philosophy that what we give individually strengthens the community and what we receive from the community strengthens individual members of the community. This program makes a place for those families who cannot pay the full tuition. The following describes how we implement this program responsibly so that the community is strengthened by the program, and the individuals are as well.

Mission & Purpose

The Accessible-To-All program is a critical social and economic component to the overall well-being of WSOC. The mission and purpose of WSOC's ATA program is to assist in the overall growth of the school while ensuring its financial stability. The ATA program at WSOC fulfills three goals:

  1. ATA supports our goal of making Waldorf education possible for families who value it highly regardless of their ability to pay the full tuition.
  2. ATA supports cultural and economic diversity.
  3. ATA is a stabilizing economic force for WSOC.

We have adopted the following Guiding Principles to direct our thoughts and actions in administrating the ATA program at WSOC:

An ATA agreement is entered into honestly and with an understanding to build community and commitment. It is a way of honoring the school, the families and the spirit of truth as it manifests in each of us.

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