Grades 9-12 Strings Field Trip Children's Village Preschool - (1 day)


11th Grade Day of the Dead Field Trip to The Museum of Latin Art, Long Beach - (1 day)


11th Grade Day of the Dead Field Trip Museum of Latin Art - (1 day)


12th Grade Transcendentalist Field Trip to Idyllwild - (5 days)


9th Grade Geology Field Trip to Death valley and Mammoth Lakes - (5 days)


11th Grade Ecology Service Work Field trip to Catalina Island - (5 days)


10th Grade Activity Week - (5 days)


10th Grade & CETYS Mexicali exchange student field trip to The Bodies and Titanic Exhibits, Buena Park - (1 day)


All High School Bonding Trip San Onofre State Beach and San Mateo Campground - (2 days)


12th Grade Architecture Field Trip - Los Angeles - (1 day)


11th Grade Ecology Field Trip to Catalina - (5 days)


10th Grade Trip to Mexicali - (6 days)


Senior Trip - Youth Conference at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland and a visit to Rome, Italy - (12 days)


All High School Snow Day - Snow Valley - (1 day)


9th & 10th Grade Winter Formal - Pasadena - (1 day)


12th Grade Zoology class visits the Long Beach Aquarium - (1 day)


12th Grade Zoology Class visits the tide pools - (1 day)


9th Grade Art History Field Trip to LACMA - (1 day)


11th Grade Dia de los Muertos Field Trip to the Museum of Latin America in Long Beach - (1 day)


9th Grade Geology Field Trip to Death Valley and Mammoth Lakes - (5 days)


12th Grade Transcendentalist Field Trip to Idyllwild - (5 days)


10th Grade and Mexicali Exchange Students go to LACMA - (1 day)


El Moro State Park Backpacking Trip - All of the high school students Grades 9 12 will be going on an overnight camping trip to start their year out. This is going to be a great experience for all the students as they get the chance to reconnect and build new friendships. - (2 days)


12th Grade - Senior Trip to Ireland - (8 days)


11th Grade Field Trip to the Orange County Superior Court - (1 day)


High School Snow Day - Snow Valley - (1 day)


10th Grade Trip to Mexicali - (1 day)


10th Grade Trip to Mexicali - (5 days)


11th Grade Ecology Field Trip to Catalina - (5 days)


Grade 10 and Mexicali Exchange Students to Disneyland - (1 day)


Grade 12 Transcendentalist Field Trip - Idyllwild, CA - (4 days)


Grade 9 Geology Field Trip - (5 days)


Grade 12 History of Architecture Field Trip to OC Mart Mix - (1 day)


Grade 10 Oceanography Field Trip to The Aquarium of the Pacific - (1 day)


11th and 12th Grade: Biology study at Crystal Cove Tide Pools, Corona Del Mar - (1 day)


11th & 12th visit the Aquarium of the Pacific - (1 day)


10th graders are heading to Mexicali, Baja California Mexico to strenghten their spanish vernacular. - (6 days)


The 10th Grade will be studying & solving the relation of gravity in design pertaining to measurements at Knott's Berry Farm. - (1 day)


Geological Exploration in Mammoth Lakes (11th Grade) - (5 days)


9th Grade explores geological features in Mammoth Lakes and Death Valley, in which a greater study in detail will include sketching and photographs; to augment their written work. - (6 days)


10th grade escorts the mexican students visiting from CETYS to The Getty Museum. Students are immersed in the language and culture of one another for one week of hosting. - (1 day)


Michaelmas Celebration Grades 1-12 - (1 day)


All high schools students will ride their bikes to the beach today to exercise skills and drills as a whole. - (1 day)


The Seniors enjoy Alaska on their final trip together - (9 days)


9th Grade in Oregon studying Biology - (6 days)


11th Grade is currently studying French Impressionist painting, and will head to Balboa Island to sketch and experience the perspective of Monet. - (1 day)


11th Grade camping in Catalina - (6 days)


10th grade class is leaving to Mexicali on their Academic and Cultural Field Trip - (6 days)


The high school will take a field trip to the Huntington State Beach on Friday, February 11, 2011 from 10:00- 2:00 to carry out the 2nd WSOC Olympics. - (1 day)


10th, 11th grade students, and exchange students visiting from Mexicali, Mexico; to visit the Los Angeles Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits. - (1 day)

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